Unlikely Prophets:
An Advent Devotional from Behind Bars

Edited by
Rev. Riley Pickett
Rev. Crawford Brubaker
Rev. Layne Brubaker 

Throughout history, prophets have peeled away the veneer of the ordinary and pointed humanity towards a more true and beautiful vision of creation, inspired by God. The sacred story of Advent is teeming with unlikely prophets and prophecies that paint us pictures of a new and subversive reality to which we are called to both hope for and work towards. For centuries the prophets of ancient Israel spoke of a world where the wolf shall lie down with the lamb, and all shall be led by a little child. In the season of Advent, this upside-down vision breaks through.

As prophecy becomes flesh, something radical shifts. What is breaking forth in our world – or in your life – even here and now, today? For what are we waiting, and where is God already showing up? The members of Hagar’s Community Church (HCC) – a church inside of the Washington Corrections Center for Women – know something about waiting and imagining a different way. In this collection of art, devotionals, poetry, and prayers, the members of HCC lead the way: these modern-day, unlikely prophets speak from their experience and offer a new vision. May we take heed.

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