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Old Friends & New Beginnings

Palm Sunday 2023 was the first worship service for Hagar's Community Church inside WCCW since December 2021, and it was AMAZING! I truly do not have adequate words to describe how beautiful and special it was to finally meet these beloved folks face to face. I had this goofy grin on my face as they began to stream into the chapel and I just kept saying, "You're here! You're here! I'm so happy you're here!" It was surreal to finally put faces and names to the group of people I have loved and prayed for from afar for months and months.

Two of our key volunteers were able to join me, which was a huge blessing since both of them have attended Hagar's services in the past and I have not. Together we led and participated in worship: singing, prayer, group discussion, scripture, reflection, and communion. The 25-30 folks in attendance sang, prayed, laughed, shared with vulnerability, and showed so much grace to us and to each other throughout the night. Even the chapel officer remarked afterward that the group was unusually calm and engaged, especially given the length of the program (over 2 hours). There was an ineffable and sacred quality to our time that I can't describe, a kind of ease or comfort that I have rarely felt - especially in situations that are new and unfamiliar. The Spirit was so present.

Thank you again for all your faithful prayers and support as our ministry walked through the long season of waiting. We are finally tasting the fruit, and it is so very sweet!

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