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We hope and pray that deep in the earth there are seeds splitting open, roots reaching down into the soil, and seedlings making their way toward the light. May the breakthrough come soon.

I wrote the words above in my 2022 Year in Review post last month, and today I am writing to share with you all that breakthrough is happening!

This week I was able to connect directly with a key staff member at WCCW who was able to assist me in the process of restarting our ministry to our incarcerated siblings inside, and most importantly we identified a few important next steps (training, documentation, etc). Assuming those next steps can be taken in a timely manner, we could potentially resume worship services inside WCCW as early as late February! Praise God!

Here are some prayer requests as we move forward with renewed hope:

  • Please pray for the folks inside who have not had access to their spiritual community in many months. Pray that they will find ways to connect to God and each other, even as the programmatic offerings inside are limited.

  • Pray that our key volunteers and I will be able to complete our trainings and paperwork within the next few weeks.

  • Pray for the upcoming restart process: for wisdom and discernment as we make decisions, for strength and resilience when we encounter bumps in the road, and for energy and joy as we reconnect with our friends inside.

  • Continue to pray for our Pastoral Nominating Committee as they diligently do the work of seeking out the next pastor for HCC.

To those of you who have faithfully followed this long process of prayer and waiting and working behind the scenes... THANK YOU. We are so close! May the Spirit keep blowing the doors open and breathing life into her church. Amen.

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