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7 Ways Your Church Can Support HCC

While we are working to regain access to WCCW and resume in-person services of Hagar's Community Church, we are preparing for that time by working on increasing our financial sustainability. One of our primary sources of financial support is local churches, so we created a list of ways that churches can consider getting involved in supporting the ongoing work of HCC:

  • Invite a representative from HCC to come speak to your Session, your outreach / service committee, or your whole congregation

  • Consider allocating part of your outreach / service budget to HCC

  • Consider taking an offering for HCC during special services (i.e. Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter)

  • Get kids involved! Have a walk-a-thon, bake sale, or other kid-friendly fundraising event to benefit HCC

  • Invite church members to consider becoming monthly donors to HCC

  • Feature HCC in your church newsletter or social media feed

For more info, or to take action on any of these ideas, please contact Pastor Haley at

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