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By Rev. Crawford Brubaker 

- Dr. James Taneti
Assistant Professor of World Christianity at Union Presbyterian Seminary
“Heartfelt and powerful. I see pain, penitence, protest, and hope all along.”

100% of the Profits go to Hagar's Community Church 

"Alas!" is a modern-day poetic interpretation of the Biblical book of Lamentations that wrestles with questions such as "Where is God in the midst of this calamity?", "Why do the poor suffer more than the rich?", and "Is it too late to repent?"  Weaving ancient images of Scripture together with vivid images of the dual pandemics of COVID-19 and racism that we face in The United States of  America today, "Alas!" reminds us that crying out to God, speaking truth to power, and confessing our own sin and suffering are all deep spiritual acts that can be discovered through the expression of lament.

Lamenting is an essential part of human expression and it
is vital that we make room in our spiritual lives to share our
suffering and sadness with the One who is with us through
it all. This poetic modern day interpretation of the Book of
Lamentations will offer spiritual nourishment for those who
are seeking a way to express their feelings in the midst of
everything we - as United States Citizens - have been
faced with here in 2020.


This work contains over 250 Scripture references and
can help readers to recognize the Bible as a rich resource for
the full spectrum of human expression. At the same time it will remind readers that God walks alongside us in our lament - for "Great is Thy faithfulness."


When you buy the book, 100% of the profits go directly
towards supporting Hagar's Community Church, a new
worshipping community inside the Washington Correction
Center for Women and the largest Women's prison in
Washington State.


If there is one thing this work asks of you it is to spiritually
reflect on your pain. Look at it, lament it, wail, weep,
curse, cry out - then let it go. Give it to God, but for God’s
sake, don’t ignore it.


To lament, to struggle with God, to wrestle with questions
of faith, to cry out for justice, and to confess our own
suffering and sin are deeply spiritual acts. Allow this book
to guide you in these spiritual practices.

A Lament for the United States of America 

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